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Whatever you’re catering needs, Dog eat Dog Inc.  Can design and build a great money making Catering Trailer that will give you years of high return on your investment.

All of our Catering Trailers are of the highest quality and come with standard features and a wide variety of add-on options. We use only high quality materials available, including stainless and galvanized steel, as well as aluminum for maximum durability and the best resale value on the market.

Built to last and detailed to your specific needs. Our trailers are built with a rugged future in mind. We start with a solid, galvanized construction as the foundation. From there, we will design and build a turn-key unit to meet your specific food and beverage operation. You pick the options including high quality, commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment.  We do the work in-house so we control the quality and overall functionality of the pieces.

 Here at Dog eat Dog Inc. every Mobile Catering Trailer we build is designed for our clients by skilled professionals. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that every Catering  Trailers meets safety standards and has solid construction. Dog eat Dog Inc. combines the great attention to detail that a small business can provide to its customers along with good value.

Catering Trailer:  The Mini Master “6,9ft” Wide...
Based on Standard Specification and Fit-Out
Length:          Axles:                 Weight:                 Construction:                   Price:

“8’0”ft             Single Braked                  1300kg                     14mm Composite                    € 6990.00

Length                                              Weight                                                Price:

Market Master "08ft"                                       1300kg                                                                  € 7050.00

Market Master "10ft"                                        1000kg                                                                 € 8950.00

Market Master "10ft"                                        1300kg                                                                 € 9350.00

Market Master "10ft"                                        1400kg                                                                 € 9250.00

Market Master "12ft"                                         1300kg                                                                 € 9950.00

Market Master "12ft"                                         1400kg                                                                 € 10,850.00

Twin Axle available on "10,12,14"ft, just add...€ 1200.00 to the above prices
"35mm" Composite also available, just add...€ 2490.00 to above prices
The Event Trader From “12ft" To "22ft” In Length
Based on Standard Specification and Fit-Out

Length                                          Weight                                                     Price

The Event Trader "10ft"                                2000kg                                                               € 12,800
The Event Trader "12ft"                                2000kg                                                               € 13,500
The Event Trader "13ft"                                2000kg                                                                € 15,200
The Event Trader "14ft"                                2600kg                                                                € 16,500
The Event Trader "16ft"                                2600kg                                                                € 18,900
The Event Trader "18ft"                                2600kg                                                                € 21,900
The Event Trader "20ft"                                2600kg                                                                € 23,900
The Event Trader "22ft"                                2600kg                                                                € 23,900
Upgrade to 35mm Composite available add € 2490.00 to the above prices
Carry another 1000kg, just add...€ 2200.00 to the above prices
Maximize your space instead of "6,11" wide, upgrade to "7,5ft" wide, From...€ 1395.00

All Prices above exclude Vat @ 23%

Hold a valid Vat Number and buying from outside Ireland you will not be charged Vat...

As Standard in all DOG EAT DOG INC. Catering Trailers

Internal Specification

External Specification

Commercial Grade Work Top
Anodized Aluminum Trim Throughout
Chrome Work Top Uprights
Stainless Steel or Glossy Splash Back
Storage Space
Electric Mains Pack
External Mains Hook Up
Two Double Sockets
LED Lighting
Stainless Steel Sink
Manual Pump Tap
35ltr Fresh Water Tank
25ltr Waste Water Tank
Heavy Duty Door Locks
Gas and Electric Safe Certs

14mm Grp Composite Body Fully Bonded

New Aluminum Profile System
Large Serving Hatch
Heavy Duty Gas Springs
Continuous Rubber Sealed Hinge
Stainless Steel Hinge Trough Out
Heavy Duty Chassis
All EEC Running Gear
EEC Approved Road Lighting
Heavy Duty Tow Hitch
Corner Steadies
Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
Brake System
Axle With Long Life Bearings
Grp Gas Box to hold two Bottles
When you want to stand apart from the crowd and nothing short of a bold statement will do, whether retro or postmodern, classic or contemporary, a Bespoke Custom built Catering Trailer is the way to do it, you're only limit is your imagination. Each Bespoke unit is manufactured to order according to the client's needs. Additionally, we link in with health and safety agencies world wide making sure that all of our units fall within the health and safety standards of the country the unit is going to be operating in. This allows us to guarantee approval of every unit we manufacture. So if it's a Food Cart you're looking for or a Step Down Hydraulic Trailer that, Dog eat Dog Inc. Is here to bring your great idea to fruition. 
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